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UD AURELIA SANJAYA Mandor/ pemborong Bangunan di Solo

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UD AURELIA SANJAYA Mandor/ pemborong Bangunan di Solo
UD AURELIA SANJAYA Mandor/ pemborong Bangunan di Solo


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Panels Concrete Fence / Fence Concrete / Fence Panels / Concrete Panel

Our company procurement Concrete Fence Panels
and Services Pemasanganya
serving the region: Solo, Sragen, Karanganyar, Sukoharjo, Solo Baru, Boyolali, Salatiga, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Klaten, WnogiriI and receive job orders outside the city such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, Tangerang and other Jabotabek
Concrete Fence Panels
Price valid in January 2013
I. Use of Concrete Panel Size 240 X 40 X 5 CM

1160 Cm = 4 lbr Panel 225 X 18 X 17 Cm 245.200/ ml
2200 Cm = 5 lbr Panel 280 X 18 X 17 Cm 332.000/ ml
3240 Cm = 6 lbr Panel 320 X 18 X 17 Cm 396.400/ ml
4280 Cm = 7lbr Panel 370 X 18 X 17 Cm 460.800/ ml
5320 Cm = 8 lbr Panel 425 X 18 X 17 Cm 525.200/ ml
Price includes materials and installation

II. Use wire

1 L.4 line elbow height 50 cm 40 X 40 X 3 mm 59.225/ ml
2 L.5 line elbow height 60 cm 40 X 40 X 3 mm 66.125/ ml
3 L.6 line elbow height 60 cm 40 X 40 X 3 mm 81.075/ ml
Price includes materials and installation

III. Price Material
1. Reinforced concrete panel size 240X40X5 CM Rp 95.000/ lbr
2. Reinforced Concrete pole size 225X18X17 CM Rp 203.200/ btg
3. Reinforced Concrete pole size 280X18X17 CM Rp 251.500/ btg
4. Reinforced Concrete pole size 320X18X17 CM Rp 286.000/ btg
5. Reinforced Concrete pole size 370X18X17 CM Rp 329.125/ btg
6. Reinforced Concrete pole size 425X18X17 CM Rp 376.562/ btg

1. More must DI Survey First
2. Purchase fraco material on the truck
3. Not including VAT 10%
Advantage Concrete Fence Panels
1. Can be built quickly because it has sitem Male-female so the fence can be erected in a short time.
2. Fencing System Fast, Practical and Economical
3. Can be Unloading and Post Back to expansion
4. Sturdy, Strong, neat, and beautiful in appearance and can be combined with other fencing
5. Neat because it has the quality of a consistent size shape sehinnga kerapihannya more secure.
6. More powerful and lightweight.
7. Not weathered and porous due to weather and durable.
8. Material is made of reinforced concrete
9. Suitable for Industrial Estate, Housing, Agriculture, Vacant Land, etc.
10. Put the can in Tanah Datar and soil conditions Italic
hub: aYUb Pujiyanto
mandorayub @ gmail ( dot) com
ud.aurelia.sanjaya @ gmail ( dot) com
Hp: 0856 8547 525
Flexy: 0271 2600084
Address: Celep Rt.22, Celep, Kedawung, Sragen, Central Java 57292, Indonesia

Company Contact
Name:Mr. AYUB PUJIYANTO [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: ud.aureliasanjaya Y!: ud.aureliasanjaya
Google Talk:  mandorayub  mandorayub
LINE: mandorayub mandorayub
WeChat: udaureliasanjaya udaureliasanjaya
Kakao Talk: mandorayub mandorayub
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. AYUB PUJIYANTO at SURAKARTA
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. AYUB PUJIYANTO at SURAKARTA
Address:Celep Rt.22, Celep, Kedawung, Sragen, Jawa Tengah 57292, Indonesia
SURAKARTA 57292, Jawa Tengah
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